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A wrongly-worded Will is as good as not having Will at all.To ensure your loved ones get your hard-earned assets, you must get the Will drafted in legal terms. At OnlineWill, it is our job to assist you in translating your desires into a legally-worded document - the Will. Know More

The process of drafting a Will is incomplete unless you appoint an executor, who is capable of carrying out your wishes as mentioned in the Will. It is a no-brainer that the executor must be someone who is not only trustworthy, but also who is certain to outlive you. We offer you the option of appointing us, a professional company to be your executor. Know More

Though not mandatory in India, registration of a Will is very important as it helps reduce the risk of it being tampered. When you register the Will with the sub-registrar, a copy of the Will is safely stored with them, while another copy can be retained by you. Of course, registration does not by-pass probate requirements of a Will. Know More

Often confused with an online Will, a digital Will is actually a special type of will that allows you to pass on your online 'properties', such as your social networking account or an e-mail account. You can use our secure Digital Will vault to store all your digital assets safely with us. To access data from this Will, all you need to do is enter the unique access code that will be sent to you. Know More

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In addition to the Will, there is a document called codicil that contains details of changes you make to the contents of the Original Will. The changes may be in reference to the assets you own or the beneficiaries who are going to inherit them. Know More


  • When I was in a flight travelling to Mumbai the airhostess announced to fasten the seat belts as the weather was bad and that made me thinking that if this flight doesn’t land what will happen to my family? So I searched online and logged in to www.onlinewill.co.in. it’s a very easy self-explanatory and educative website. I drafted my Will through OnlineWILL and I am very happy customer. I have recommended this website to all my friends.
    - Jasjeet Kaur
  • I has worked hard to earn my wealth I want it to pass it on to my wife and three daughters seamlessly. Wherein I wanted only love to continue and not hatred in my family. So I decided to write a Will but I didn’t know whom to approach. I was scared to approach lawyers and then I attended OnlineWILL presentation. I came home and signed up for OnlineWILL and got the draft of the Will after signing in 30 minutes.
    - Suniti Takale
  • I had heard family related legacy issues and I didn’t want the same to be repeated in my family but I didn’t know how to start and where to go. That’s when my daughter logged in to OnlineWILL website. I was not so computer savvy and wondering how to go about it. I had lot of questions but the website is very easy and it has lot of FAQ’s and online chat facility which helped me draft my Will. I highly recommend OnlineWILL.
    - Sunita Datar
  • Being a wealth advisor we were looking at offering Will writing service to all our customers and that too at affordable price. Because lawyers could be expensive and entire process could be time consuming and also client have to visit lawyers office which could be charged and that’s when I met representative of OnlineWILL. So I first registered on Website and found it very easy, affordable, user friendly and educative. So we decided to sign up with OnlineWILL and now we recommend to all our customers.
    - Ameya Kane (CEO) – Avana Wealth Advisors


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